25 Actors Are The Best Around the World

25 Actors Are The Best Around the World
25 Actors Are The Best Around the World

Many amazing films are produced each and every year. Lots of them have won many international awards.

Every year many new actors enter the acting industry. But only a few of them can continue and succeed. There are many fans of the best actors around the world who admire them artists because of their looks:

  • Appearances
  • Personalities
  • Poles they play in movies.
  • … and much more

The process of selecting the best actors in the world cinema is subject to many opinion polls, but on this list we will be showing you the best actors in the world according to the critics and a the huge fan base IMBD:

25. Sean Penn

Sean Penn

American actor born August 17, 1960, winner of the Academy Award for 2003 Best Actor for a mysterious river film. He also win the Golden Globe 2004 as Best Actor.

Sean Penn is known for his opinions and he has attacked the US government several times. he is an actor with the ability to penetrate into the characters he performs no matter how different they are.

He has already played the role of an American soldier raping a girl in “Casualties of War” Was sentenced to death in the film “Dead Man Walking.”

He also played a disabled role in the film “I’m Sam”, in which he also presented one of his best roles and was nominated for an Oscar.


  1. An absurd list, this, that is almost entirely film-stars and limited to the more-or-less English-speaking and comparatively recent world, and without practically any of the great actresses there have been. In almost all the performers do indeed act. But the only way to establish what really great acting is depends on live performance before an audience in a theatre – where the actor or actress fully controls the relationship he or she has with the audience. Films leave that control to directors and cinematographers – which means that the acting never needs the consistency of characterisation that is fundamental in the live theatre! Cinema acting consists of appropriate bits of a performance selected and edited mostly in close-up. It is almost never great acting, however persuasive the indulgent process of filming may make it. Do not claim falsehoods and remember what the art really is about which you want to preach. Celebrate what is good but acknowledge what that quality may be and where it originates. Film is a wonderful collaborative art. Theatre and truly great acting are somewhat different – and a lot more demanding.

  2. To be honest, the list is good but not great. There are many reasons.
    First, I’ll go with the Indian actors present in this list.
    *Kamal Hassan at 10th is absurd. He should be way above it.
    *Mammootty at 21? There’s some serious issue with the list. These two are the most versatile actors in the world. Perhaps you’ve not seen all the roles they did.

    Now, I agree that Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest actors to have ever lived. But he would not be at the top if Marlon Brando is present there.
    There are dozens of actors across the world better than Christian Bale. Still he is present in this list, don’t know why.
    When does true acting succeed? It succeeds when the character depicted by the actor lives in the heart of the audience even after seeing the film for years. Considering this fact and many other reasons to be observed, I am a little dissatisfied with the list given above.

    • Yes bro Mohan lal is there if u seen Kerredam ,Thanmathra, Drishyam ,Spadikam ,Kireedam
      You would change your openion

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