25 Brutal Torture Techniques Are Truly Unbelievable

The human being is the most intelligent creature and the most hated. He may do with his enemies and his victims what may be very scary to even the fierce monsters.

We will see in these lines a small part of the dark side of human “creativity” where we will see some of the ugliest instruments of torture in human history.

The forms of torture have varied throughout the ages and were aimed at bringing the victim to the peak of pain before he died, or slowly dying to be an example.

In the coming list we hope you might hold your breathe and get ready for the most disgusting, brutal and severe punishments of all times.

25. Impalement

Impalement Is a method of execution and torture, which is one of the most horrible means of execution. Where the victim’s body is penetrated by a long and sharp stick on the one hand and to remove them on the other.

Pustules are sometimes taken from the victim’s mouth, mostly in the anus.

The stump is then placed in the ground and the victim is left suspended to death. In most cases, the Impalements are introduced in a way that prevents immediate death.

The stump itself is used as a means to prevent hemorrhage, thus prolonging the victim’s suffering for as long as possible, up to several hours.

24. Heretics Fork

Heretics Fork Is a tool of torture in Europe during the Middle Ages, and was used to punish the unbelievers.

A machine made up of two tips, and is used by stitches. The first part of them under the chin and the other end directly below the neck and chest top and then connect the pig.

This device was used in medieval Europe to interrogate those accused of heresy and infidelity and often of innocent and unfortunate people who end up there for personal wrongs and enmities.

23. Neck torture

This one might be one of the worst , ugliest and most painful ways of torture.

The name of this tool explains everything about it. The victim’s head is placed inside the metallic circle where there were the very sharp grinders.

At the start of the interrogation. The executioner begins to rotate the coil until the iron cap rests on the head, and then gradually starts pressing the interrogation session.

Use your imagination to imagine what will happen to the victim’s head when he presses the machine jaws as far as possible.

22. Crucifixion

A method of torture and execution in which the convict is tied to a large wooden cross — or hammered with nails and then left.

Crucifixion was spread in the Saluki, Cartagian and Roman empires in the sixth century before Christ until the fourth century.

Constantine was the First who dismissed the laws of the Western Roman Empire in respect of Christ. Whom the followers of Roman Catholicism believed to be crucified.

Crucifixion in Japan was also used to execute criminals.

21. The Tub

The brutal way of torture was to punish the person by putting him in the wooden tub. And tying his head and then the executioner poured milk and honey on the victim’s body and head.

Until the flies start feeding from that milk and honey and also forcing the torturer to eat from that mixture. And then flies start defecating in the Tub and in a few days worms start growing in the same tub and eating from the body of the torturer until the end of his life.

20. The brazen bull

The brazen bull Is a torture and execution apparatus designed in ancient Greece.

Brillus invented it in Athens and presented it to Flares. Agrigento’s tyrant in Sicily, as a new way to punish the criminals.

The bull was made entirely of bronze, hollow and with an entrance on one side.

The condemned person is introduced into the hole of the bull and is locked up and ignited under the bull until the metal is heated and the person inside is burned to death.

This machine appeared during the reign of the Sicilian ruler Valares. Who ruled in the 6th century before Christ and then moved to the Roman state.

In a few years it became more complex and some tubes were added to allow hearing the cry of the torment emerged as the baw of a bull berserk as the machine developed as well as out of the smoke of burning torment in the form of clouds of smoke from the nose of the bronze bull.

This machine was also used less later in the Middle Ages in Central Europe and some historians said it was used in torturing the Maurice during the period of the Inquisition in Spain.

19. The Judas Cradle

Also known as the chair of Judah, a chair with a sharp metal pyramid on it. Where the victim is placed at the top of the pyramid and the system of ropes graps the tortures slowly down. With the head of the pyramid in the man’s vagina or the vagina of the woman.

The victim is always naked and humiliated and their legs used to be tied with weights Which causes pain and rupture in the muscle tissue.
The machine was used usually in order for causing inflammation and painful infection to the victim. Whose torment lasts from hours to days before death.

It was named after the student who betrayed on Christ to the Jews.

18. Lead Sprinkler

In this method of torture, the molten lead, tar, boiling water or boiling oil are put in the tool and then empty the contents in parts of the victim’s body. Such as the eyes to death due to severe pain.

It was mostly used during interrogations to force the victim to assume a crime to tell the truth. But soon as they executor gets the information he keeps torturing the victim until death.

17. Iron Maiden

There is also the “iron coffin”. Which contained inside the long nails accurately distributed so as not to penetrate any vital organs. Such as the heart or lung in order to preserve the life of the victim for as long as possible and torture as much as possible after being stuffed inside the coffin and then close the door.

The coffin is lined with insulated cork. Which prevents the outside from hearing from the victim’s screams and cries.

It also prevents him from hearing what is happening outside and does not see even a glimmer of light. Which makes him live a psychological punishment that may be more painful than physical torment.

16. Coffin Torture

It was known that the most preferred technique of torture in the Middle Ages is the coffin of torture.

This method involves putting the victim in a metal crate almost in the size of the human body.

Hence, it is called, and forced victims are overweight in small cages to increase torture, On a tree or a gallows. And leave in that area until the crows come and feed themselves from the victim’s body.

15. Thumbscrew

A machine where they put the torturer’s fingers between the jaws of this instrument then it gets closed slowly until the sound of the bones of the fingers and the splitting of the flesh is heard.

This instrument varies between a specific type of crushing fingers, one toe, one larger for the knee, one elbow and so on.

This tool was created by the old Russian army Rebel discipline.

14. Rope Torture

The rope is the easiest to use for all torture ways because it is easy to find and can easily be designed to append a number of horrible restoration operations.

For example, it can be used to stick the victim to a tree and leave them without any means of defending himself from other animals or humans.

it can also be used to hang the victims on the gallows for some ugly entertainment purposes while ultimately leading to death.

Ropes can be formed to restrain the victim’s limbs by tying the other end to horses And thus cut off their extremities.

13. Guillotine

Guillotine was one of the most famous means of execution throughout history.

Where a sharp blade is placed on the rope and the head of the victim is placed in the middle of the box and then the blade to cut the head of the victim.

They consider that the method is more humane and less painful than the means of torture because it takes place in one moment and does not feel that much pain.

12. The Rack

This machine relied on ropes and wood to torture the victim.

A very famous torture machine consists of a large wooden rectangle and on the sides of the cylinder (top and bottom). The victim’s ankles are fixed to the lower cylinder and the upper drum joints.

And the device that pulls the upper and lower ends attached to the cylinders is operated. Resulting in excruciating pain and tearing of the victim’s body.

Some of the shelves had a cylinder in the middle to crush the victim’s vertebrae.

11. Tongue tearer

In this hideous method of torture, over-sized sharp iron scissors were used to cut off the victim’s tongue after their mouth is opened by force with another device called the mouth opener.

Once they just the victim’s tongue they leave them to death as a result of bleeding.

10. Rat torture

The method of torture was used by mice in the Middle Ages in China.

In this method, the victim’s belly is opened until his bones appear. And the person who is torturing brings a large bucket full of rats. Where a cage of mice is placed on top of the offender’s body. And hot coal is placed above the cage.

Once the air is heated inside the cage. The mice start eating the victim’s belly so it can get out through the body of the criminal lying beneath it.

This method gave unexplained pain to the torturer who felt every second of the severe punishment.

9. The chair of torture

This tool was created and used extensively by the Spanish Inquisition. Also known as the name of “the chair of the Inquisition”.

It is a chair with nails in each spot and may number up to 1300 nails. Where the victim sits naked and is tied by ligaments and leather belts with some extra weight on the victim’s body to double the torment.

Sometimes the iron layer was heated with fire until the meat sticks with iron and the nails are stuck inside the body What makes just trying to get up from that chair a punishment in itself.

8. Cement shoes

Cement shoes were invented by the American Mafia. When they wanted to execute enemies and spies.

They placing their feet inside the small wooden tub and then filling it with wet cement.

Once the cement drained, the victim will be thrown alive in a river or any other deep water.

7. Breast rippers

This tool is dedicated to the torture of women. Especially those accused of adultery and the practice of obscene. Where they extracted of their breasts from the roots.

The method starts when women are tied to the wall and then the executor plunge this tool tightly in the breast and makes tightened hard and hard until the breast ruptures and pulls out of place and the bones of the rib cage come out.

This tool was widely known in Britain and the rest of Europe to a lesser degree.

Strangely enough, torturers. The vast majority of them, did not find the slightest embarrassment in torturing women and sometimes girls between childhood and adolescence.

The first use of this tool was known to Queen Mary of Britain. In the persecution of those who advocated the reform of the Church during her five-year reign between 1553 and 1558.

6. Crocodile shears

This device was widespread in Europe and was used to torture men accused of attempting to assassinate kings.

A metal device in the form of a crocodile head. In which they were installed some sharp blades and nails on the crocodile’s thighs and then heated to very high temperatures. Then the victim’s penis is placed between the jaws and then applied very quickly.

Sometimes the penis splits very fast but mostly the device relied on the method of crushing and causing severe bleeding of the vessels and arteries in the penis.

In other cases, the machine was used to crush the victim’s hands also.

5. Republican marriage

One of the strangest means of execution in history, France followed this method in ancient times.

Where a naked man and woman were tied together and dumped in the river to drown together, as it was best to throw them into icy waters. John Baptiste took this method to torture the monks and The nuns and make them an example to scare the others.

4. The breaking wheel

This tool is known for many names, including the “Crushing Wheel” or the “Catherine Wheel” invented in ancient Greece and widely used until the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It may seem at first sight like any wooden wheel, but here lies the secret of the creation of evil man only to turn this simple wheel into one of the most horrible instruments of torture, and the elderly to invent the different ways to use this tool.

First they start with linking the victim in a curved shape on the edge of the circular wheel and then push him from a rocky mountain, and sometimes the wheel is installed on the ground horizontally and the victim connected to it and then begins The executioners crack and smash his body using a long stick.

And sometimes the victim is fixed at the end of the curved wheel and then they insert a metal rod in the middle so that it can rotate easily and then the dogs or hungry wolves are brought and the wheel is rotated continuously after the fire right under it.

Where the body of the victim is placed towards the hungry dogs that eat his grilled meat.This brutal torture was done publicly and it was the worst nightmare for any unlucky criminal.

3. Spanish Donkey

The victim was placed on the Spanish donkey and tied by the executioner from his feet with heavy loads to increase pain as the nails pierced the legs of the victim and other organs of his body and eventually lead to the splitting of his body into two halves in one of the worst forms of torture practiced by the Inquisition against Muslims.

This tool is a kind of torture that was subjected to Muslims in Spain by the Inquisition after the fall of Granada last Muslim country in Andalusia age 1492 and the seizure of the Crusaders by their leader Ferdinand V and his wife Elizabeth.

Then the Muslims were better off leaving their religion and entering into Christianity, immigration or death.

2. Saw torture

Who would have thought that one of the most inventive works of mankind could turn into the most horrific instrument of torture? The saw, which has helped man to cut trees and build ships, houses and vehicles, also has a black history as one of the worst instruments of torture.

The victim hangs upside down and his feet are far apart. The wisdom of making him upside down is that the blood will gather at his head (below). Sometimes, the saw reaches the center of the abdomen and the victim is still conscious and sees himself splitting into two halves.

1. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

In England during the Middle Ages, those who were tried on charges of great treason were executed by placing them on a wooden board dragged by four horses to the place of execution.

They were hanged in front of angry mobs, then cut into four parts. The punishment was for men, they believed It was disgraceful to execute women in this way, and that is why burning is the punishment of women.

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