25 Brutal Torture Techniques Are Truly Unbelievable


7. Breast rippers

This tool is dedicated to the torture of women. Especially those accused of adultery and the practice of obscene. Where they extracted of their breasts from the roots.

The method starts when women are tied to the wall and then the executor plunge this tool tightly in the breast and makes tightened hard and hard until the breast ruptures and pulls out of place and the bones of the rib cage come out.

This tool was widely known in Britain and the rest of Europe to a lesser degree.

Strangely enough, torturers. The vast majority of them, did not find the slightest embarrassment in torturing women and sometimes girls between childhood and adolescence.

The first use of this tool was known to Queen Mary of Britain. In the persecution of those who advocated the reform of the Church during her five-year reign between 1553 and 1558.

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