25 Brutal Torture Techniques Are Truly Unbelievable


20. The brazen bull

The brazen bull Is a torture and execution apparatus designed in ancient Greece.

Brillus invented it in Athens and presented it to Flares. Agrigento’s tyrant in Sicily, as a new way to punish the criminals.

The bull was made entirely of bronze, hollow and with an entrance on one side.

The condemned person is introduced into the hole of the bull and is locked up and ignited under the bull until the metal is heated and the person inside is burned to death.

This machine appeared during the reign of the Sicilian ruler Valares. Who ruled in the 6th century before Christ and then moved to the Roman state.

In a few years it became more complex and some tubes were added to allow hearing the cry of the torment emerged as the baw of a bull berserk as the machine developed as well as out of the smoke of burning torment in the form of clouds of smoke from the nose of the bronze bull.

This machine was also used less later in the Middle Ages in Central Europe and some historians said it was used in torturing the Maurice during the period of the Inquisition in Spain.

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