25 Countries With The Most External Debt


20. Finland.

Finland is relatively new in industrialization, maintaining the agricultural economy until the 1950s.

This was followed by rapid economic development as the country became a country of broad and balanced social welfare between East and West in terms of world economy and politics.

Finland consistently leads international comparisons in national performance. It leads the list of the best countries in the world in 2010 Newsweek magazine poll in terms of health, economic dynamism, education, political environment and quality of life.

Finland is the most stable country in the world and the first in the Legatum Prosperity 2009.

In 2010, Finland was the seventh most competitive country in the world according to the World Economic Forum. But as Brazil, the country has fallen into debt in order to develop it sectors.

Finland Debt Stats

  • External debt: 483 Billion USD
  • last updated date: 30 June 2017
  • Debt Per capita: 87,500 USD
  • % of GDP: 196%

19. Denmark.

Denmark expects the economy to slow further in 2020, according to Bloomberg news agency.

The Copenhagen government said weak international trade would hurt the shipping industry and limit exporters’ access to key markets. Adding that it lowered its sales forecast to Sweden and Germany, Denmark’s biggest export market.

Thus, Denmark is likely to remain stranded in its external debts to an indefinite date.

Denmark Debt Stats

  • External debt: 491 Billion USD
  • last updated date: 30 June 2017
  • Debt Per capita: 85,700 USD
  • % of GDP: 163%

18. Brazil.

The Brazilian economy is currently one of the most powerful and fastest growing economies in the world. It’s ranked 9th in the world according to Investopia, as one of the most important economies.

Reflecting the country’s great economic, financial and banking development, which from 1930 to 1975.

But Brazil remains stuck between austerity and the demand for help from local and international banks which is something that is considered a problem for the state unless it pays its debts.

Brazil Debt Stats

  • External debt: 556 Billion USD
  • last updated date: 30 September 2017
  • Debt Per capita: 3,200 USD
  • % of GDP: 30%

17. India.

Although its strong and developed economy, India also suffers from external debt, But not highly as the others countries. The World Bank said in its report on the Indian economy that private investment has declined due to rising corporate debt and rising levels of non-performing loans in the country.

The World Bank also warned in its report that any setback in resolving these issues would directly affect investments and medium-term growth on the widest scale.

India Debt Stats

  • External debt: 563 Billion USD
  • last updated date: December 2019
  • Debt Per capita: 1,900 USD
  • % of GDP: 19%

16. Norway.

Norway Debt Stats

  • External debt: 604 Billion USD
  • last updated date: 30 June 2017
  • Debt Per capita: 117,000 USD
  • % of GDP: 169%

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