Best 25 Anime You Should Watch It Before You Die

There are over hundreds of anime series and this is what makes it quite hard to choose between them. So don’t confuse yourself anymore because we are going to give you a list of the best 25 anime ever!

Note: This List is based on more 100k vote from over 150 anime Website as anime-planetcrunchyrollanimelab and many other websites.

25- No game No life

Sora and Shiro, two siblings who are by force transported to a different world. That’s run by games and they find themselves obliged to develop a lifestyle to stay alive in the unfair games world.

In fact this anime might be very loved from gamers because it’s just brilliant.

24- Hellsing

Of course we can’t finish our best anime list without mentioning Hellsing. The greatest Vampires series of all time.

It is about a secret organization that battles Vampires and the undead.

23- Neon Genesis Evangelion

We highly recommend this anime for teenagers. Since it’s a story about teens fighting against alien war machines.

This anime gives un many feelings about friendship and courage.

22- Monster

Kenzo Tenma a Japanese surgeon living in Germany. His life gets into turmoil after he got himself involved with one of his former patients ” Johan Liebet” who’s a psychotic serial-killer.

21- Ergo Proxy

Coexistence is a beautiful thing. But what if human beings have to coexist in harmony with robots and this happens after an apocalypse. Sounds like a unique idea!

20- Claymore

Action game, adventure fiction, and dark fantasy are a few illustrations to describe this wonderful anime.

It has a deep story and it fans say it’s genius and full of morals.

19- Guilty Crown

The 17 year-old Ouma shu obtains by accident a very rare and unique power.

This Power allows him to take out the deepest desires of other people.

18- Gurren lagann

The story is in the future where humans live in isolated underground villages to hide away from beasts and their robots.

Simon and kamina, two orphans who find a method to dig their way to the surface in order to make peace with beasts.

17- Inuyasha

Fantasy,Romance, comedy ,Horror and action-adventure. this unique combination is just in Inuyasha anime that gained a lot of worldwide fans.

16- Steins Gate

A bunch of students who discover and develop a technology that give them the ability to change the past, Quite interesting right?

15- One punch man

An ordinary bald man with super power and that one strong punch that he doesn’t use.

But once he finds an equal strong enemy who’s trying to destroy earth, the amazing combination between epic fights and wild imagination starts to give this special anime.

14- Pokemon

In hopes of being the best Pokemon masters, Ash ketchum and Pikachu travel over different regions.

Will they reach their goal? Well to know you have to watch this great anime.

13- Soul eater

Got bored of common and usual anime stories?

Well this one is just so unusual and it has a new story to offer, besides the special personas of the main characters.

Those students aren’t that ordinary because they study in a school for weapons and masters.

12- Samurai champloo

Jin and Murgen two traditional, innovated and very skilled samurai’s with Fuu the tea house girl who saves the two boys when they were about to be executed and made them promise to help her find a samurai who smells like sunflower.

You think the plot is so simple and childish? Well, believe us, it’s worth giving it a chance.

11- Cowboy bebop

A genius anime about an easygoing bounty hunter adventures with his parents

this anime’s fans describe it as the best twenty-six episodes ever.

10- Attack on titan

If you are looking for the best action anime, then Attack on titan is the one. wild imagination in the story and it vision are so epic.

Giant titans eat people might sound silly but watching it will certainly leave you with lots of different emotions.

9- Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime became very famous in America and Japan , it’s a story around Edward and Alphonse Eric. trying to bring their mom back alive.

A very touching story that will tear you up.

8- Code Geass

The set is in an alternative universe, where Japan is known as the Holy Empire of Britannia and now call it Area 11. This unfair Empire rules with power and weapons but someone is about to stand up against it.

7- Bleach

Imagine being born with a gift, but not a normal one “seeing ghosts”. this is what Ichigo never asked for, but it happened.

because of the Hollow who’s attacking his family. Ichigo dedicates his life to protect innocent spirits and help them to find peace.

6- Psycho-pass

To all action and mystery fans; this anime is just dedicated to you and it will keep you always in suspense

5- Dragon ball Z

As the most famous anime of all time, Dragon ball Z has and will always have a big fan-base all over the world because it’s full of Goku’s adventures who defends the earth against evil.

4- Death Note

We are quite sure that you have heard about this anime at least once , because its 37 episodes are breathtaking. It all starts when a very smart student finds that death note and realized that once he writes someone’s name in it , it takes 40 seconds so that person will be dead. A great mysterious that you must not miss !

3- Hunter x hunter

This anime has one of the most touching stories about Gon. the young boy who dreams of becoming a hunter just like his dad, who left when Gon was a little kid. The actions get more thrilling later on in the story that will surely get your attention.

2- Naruto Shippuden

In case you are a ninja adventures fan , Naruto Uzumaki might become your favorite character. It’s not easy to sum up 500 episodes but it’s just too exciting to watch them since each episode has it amusing fights and lot of deep emotions in a mind-blowing story.

1- One piece

“It’s my dream..So I’d die fighting for it” said Luffy in a very meaningful quote summing up what this amazing anime is all about ;Bravery, hard work and a good friendship.

By his number of fans in the world, we can make one piece on as the Best 25 Anime ever made by Japan.

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