Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit

Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit
Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit

Traveling all over the world is a very big dream to so many people, but once you are able to make this dream come true you will surely get confused to know what are the best destinations to visit.

Well no need for confusion because we are about to list up the Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit According To Trip Advisor.

25. Sydney, Australia.


Although it’s in the bottom of our list, but this beautiful city is nothing less then the other ones.

First let us tell you about the busiest and richest Saturday market in the city; Carriage works is a farmers market and visiting in will give you the chance to try seasonal and local food.

Sydney Harbor bridge is an amazing place for taking photos in that massive steel arched bridge.

Of course visiting Sydney would be incomplete without going to Taronga zoo or spiking a lovely night by the water in Darling Harbour. For surfing fans, Bondi beach is your place without fail.

24. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

This can be a perfect destination for beach lice lovers so they can spend some exciting moments in Copacabana and enjoy the art decor palace.

You may also get really thrilled seeing Christ the Redeemer which is a huge Christ statue created by the french sculptor , Paul Landowski, and was made on the top of a mountain.

In case you are into panoramic views we think you’d like a peak with a cable-way or take a picnic in Corcovado.

23. Cusco,Peru.

A colorful city in the Peruvian Andes that used to be capital of The Inca empire.

The city is constructed with a Spanish colonial architecture.

One of the populous places in Cusco is Qorikancha and the historic temple. Take a walk to Sacsayhuaman, sure you’ll love it. A day trip to Pisac is so relaxing and so lovely to see the agricultural terraces in Pisac.

The nightlife in Cusco is such a joy as well.

22. New Delhi,India.

New Delhi

The capital city of India and the urban of Delhi, It reflects a nice balance between modernity and history that made new Delhi a very unique city.

You can fund templesmosqueschurches, breathtaking forests and glamorous palaces.

You may also explore the Indian Kitchen that is full of flavors , colors and good tastes. Shopping might be a very nice way to discover the Indian culture. Attending to a Holy festival is a must while visiting India so don’t skip it.

21. Hurghada,Egypt.


No! Egypt is not just pyramids and sand or desert. Hurghada is a beach town stretching 40 km along Egypt’s red sea coat.

The city is so pretty and has a lot of interesting places such as Hurghada Grand aquarium that includes an aquarium and a zoo with fancy restaurants. There’s also Giftun island with white sandy beaches.

Sand city Hurghada is an open air museum with sand sculptures. The nightlife in Hurghada is quite fun with all the clubs , bars and restaurants.

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