Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit

Traveling all over the world is a very big dream to so many people, but once you are able to make this dream come true you will surely get confused to know what are the best destinations to visit.

Well no need for confusion because we are about to list up the Best 25 Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit According To Trip Advisor.

25. Sydney, Australia.


Although it’s in the bottom of our list, but this beautiful city is nothing less then the other ones.

First let us tell you about the busiest and richest Saturday market in the city; Carriage works is a farmers market and visiting in will give you the chance to try seasonal and local food.

Sydney Harbor bridge is an amazing place for taking photos in that massive steel arched bridge.

Of course visiting Sydney would be incomplete without going to Taronga zoo or spiking a lovely night by the water in Darling Harbour. For surfing fans, Bondi beach is your place without fail.

24. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

This can be a perfect destination for beach lice lovers so they can spend some exciting moments in Copacabana and enjoy the art decor palace.

You may also get really thrilled seeing Christ the Redeemer which is a huge Christ statue created by the french sculptor , Paul Landowski, and was made on the top of a mountain.

In case you are into panoramic views we think you’d like a peak with a cable-way or take a picnic in Corcovado.

23. Cusco,Peru.

A colorful city in the Peruvian Andes that used to be capital of The Inca empire.

The city is constructed with a Spanish colonial architecture.

One of the populous places in Cusco is Qorikancha and the historic temple. Take a walk to Sacsayhuaman, sure you’ll love it. A day trip to Pisac is so relaxing and so lovely to see the agricultural terraces in Pisac.

The nightlife in Cusco is such a joy as well.

22. New Delhi,India.

New Delhi

The capital city of India and the urban of Delhi, It reflects a nice balance between modernity and history that made new Delhi a very unique city.

You can fund templesmosqueschurches, breathtaking forests and glamorous palaces.

You may also explore the Indian Kitchen that is full of flavors , colors and good tastes. Shopping might be a very nice way to discover the Indian culture. Attending to a Holy festival is a must while visiting India so don’t skip it.

21. Hurghada,Egypt.


No! Egypt is not just pyramids and sand or desert. Hurghada is a beach town stretching 40 km along Egypt’s red sea coat.

The city is so pretty and has a lot of interesting places such as Hurghada Grand aquarium that includes an aquarium and a zoo with fancy restaurants. There’s also Giftun island with white sandy beaches.

Sand city Hurghada is an open air museum with sand sculptures. The nightlife in Hurghada is quite fun with all the clubs , bars and restaurants.

20. Hong Kong, China.

Hong Kong

Many Hong Kong tourists begin their trip trying food. The amazing thing about thus city is Street food! It’s just so delicious and they have diverse kinds of dishes in a quite cheap price.

At the same time when walking around for good fast meals you might discover other things in the lively big city.

Victoria peak is a mountainous place that’s so good for hiking and seeing the whole city from above then you can amuse yourself at Hong Kong’s Disneyland or just visit the Ocean park and have a ride to see some wild animals. Lantau island where you can find TianTan Buddha statue and a breathtaking nature.

19. Kathmandu, Nepal.


Kathmandu visitors have many activities to do during the trip beginning in the morning when you can visit the Pashupatinah temple where there is the interesting historic Hindu temple.

they can also go to the Kathamandu Durbar grand square with places and temples then in Thamilyou can do some shopping and have fun during the Nepali nightlife.

18. Tokyo, Japan.


The world’s third busiest city airport system by passengers traffic annually and Japan’s busy capital is a city that blows everyone’s mind but it ultra modernity and traditions mix perfectly, as a small example there’s Neon-lit skyscrapers and the historic temples, Or Odaiba and Sensõ-ja .

Tokyo Disneyland must be very entertaining to spend some time in because it is a Japanese Disneyland with a different touch.

17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


It ranks fifth in the world for number of skyscrapers by 177 one, and mostly known by Burj Khalifa; an 830m tall tower that dominates the skyscrapers skyline.

The city is the right place for luxury shopping and a funny lively nightlife scene.

During your trip to Dubai you can discover the desert and palm trees besides the Arabian coffee and traditional food and clothing.

You will be surprised of the combination between the ultramodern architecture and the traditional way of living.

16. Lisbon, Portugal.


The first thing you should do in this Hilly city is walk around and you will be charmed by the beauty of the city, especially certain places such as Rossio square and that’s the popular name of the Pedro 4th square.

There are many places to visit while walking over, like restaurants , bars, museums that will make your walk very amusing.

Do not forget to explore the oldest district in Lisbon or as they call it ” Alfama” then make your way to Santa Luzia scenic viewpoint for charming views over Lisbon.

15. Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

It is a fun beach city in Mexico. One of the major things you can do in this town is Cenote diving.

What is a cenote you wonder? Well it is an underground cave filled with fresh water and it is the clearest water you’ll ever see according to the visitors, so you can dive in these cave.

If you are not a diver it won’t be a trouble you might go snorkeling in cenotes like Cenote Doj OjosCenote AzulGarden of EdenGrand cenote and many more.

14. Jamaica.


This time we’ll be suggesting a whole country to visit, Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean , it’s quite mountainous , rain-forested and has a lot of beaches.

Architecture is just epic in this Country and it reflects the old British colony and Nergil.

Thinking of Jamaica leads so many of us to remember Bob Marley the famous reggae music singer, that’s why there’s a Bob Marley museum dedicated to him in Kingston.

13. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Siem Reap

A city that bewitches all it visitors , why not when having plenty of incredible views.

The town is home of one of the world’s magnificent wonders; Angkor Wat. It includes a complex of temples that you will want to see all that’s why you’ll be there from the early morning to watch the sunrise, its such a comfort.

We suggest staying in a local guesthouse so that the visitors have more authentic experience and not as expensive as hotels, so maybe you’ll save money to get a fish massage, exciting right ?

12. Hanoi, Vietnam.


The capital of old centuries where you’ll find Chinese, south Asian and french influences all at once.

Those cultures and more will be very obvious to you when you’ll have to look on the city’s architecture starting from Ho Chi Minch MausoleumTemple of litrature , Imperial Citadel of Thãng Long and many other amazing places.

Until you reach the Dong Xuan market where locals sell household goods and delicious street food.

11. Phuket, Thailand.


An island in the Andaman sea. It has a lot of mountains and rain-forests.

This province has got some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, usually known for the clear waters of the western shore.

In Phuket city you might find so many markets , bars and clubs and visit the green Wat chalong or the Holy Big Buddha Rhuket.

Hat Kata Noi beach is such a breathtaking and your trip would be incomplete without visiting it.

10. New York City, NY, United States.

New York City

New York is city that ranks second in the world for number of skyscrapers (257).

It is a very modern city but has a lot of things to see and do.

Walk across the Brooklyn bridge that is loved by local citizens and the stunning view from New York ‘ skyline.

You also may want to go on a walking tour by foot so you can look over a daily new York life, eat some real new York food that actually don’t cost a lot of money but tastes so good.

Try to visit Lady Liberty and Ellis Island since it’s a must to do for New York city visitors.

9. Istanbul,Turkey.


A previous capital of Turkey that reflects diverse cultural influences of many Empires that used to rule there.

Let’s start our trip from the Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral; Hagia Sophia that became a mosque for a while, but now a museum.

We have the fabulous Sultan Ahmed‘s mosque and Topkapi palace.

If you believe that the easiest and funniest way to discover any country is through the public traditional markets then you should go straight ahead to the grand Bazaar.

8. Marrakesh, Morocco.


The lovely Red city has a great fame over the world due to many international events like Marrakesh film festival.

It’s the most famous city in Morocco to the point Morocco is known because of it.

It is a very typical traditional city that has glamorous mosques such as Koutoubia mosque and Jemaa El-Fanaa that is a whole image of Moroccan food,music,clothing,dances,art and people.

There are also some places that you might find interesting like Bahia palaceEl Badï palace and Saadian tombs.

The old Medina of Marrakesh is a place you mustn’t slip as well as Menara Gardens.

7. Prague,Czech Republic.


Nicknamed “the city of a hundred spires” and this is because there are so many spires in this pretty town such as Charles bridge, that crosses the Vltava river.

The city is also known for its old town square, with colorful buildings and some Gothic churches.

You also would not want to miss visiting saint Vitus Cathedral and the populous Prague castle.

Moreover ,Prague’s astronomical clock that gives an animated hourly show.

6. Barcelona, Spain.


It is the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.

This city is known for its architecture and arts besides the pretty natural views like the Province of Barcelona the gorgeous place of Sagrada Familia,Park Güell,Montjuïc and the city history museum MUHBA that contains several Roman archaeological sites.

We can’t visit Barcelona and skip seeing F.C. Barcelona’s stores that sells original T-shirts , stickers, Balls and other stuff.

5. Crete, Greece.


This is Greece’s largest and magical island that will make you fall in love with it from the first sight.

The first thing we think you’ll be interested to look over is Mt.Ida, the tallest of the rang,is home to the Ideon cave, which was Zeus‘s birthplace according to Greek mythology.

It’s also the capital of Heraklion and this leads us to Heraklion archaeological museum.

There’s also Chania,Rethymno,Agios Nikolaos and Elound a small town but worth visiting.

4. Bali, Indonesia.


This could be a very nice city to be traveling to during summer since it’s known for it beautiful beaches, as a suggestion there is also Uluwatu temple with a spectacular view and Pura Ulun PanuSanur beach and Lovina beach that is in the north tip of Bali,there are plenty of dolphins so it’s too lovely to visit in case you are a fan of those cute creatures.

We would also suggest Ubud monkey forest and the Agung Mount besides Pura Besakih, those charming places will make your Bali trip always in memory.

3. Rome, Italy


Italy’s old film and fashion capital is now the third best destination upon the world.

The very first thing we’d recommend is Italian food that every Rome visitor mustn’t miss trying it.

Also the delicious coffee with some Italian sweets. Throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain is the magical thing that would leave your trace in the great city.

The whole Rome is very gorgeous but there are special historical places such as ColosseumSt.Peter Basilica, The Roman forum and the Vatican museum.

2. London, U.K.


United kingdom’s capital, A modern city with a history stretching back to roman ages.

Considered now as the third most populous European city by population within city limits which makes it very interesting during an open top bus tour as an awesome plan to begin with that will allow you to watch over the whole of London places such as Big BenLondon Eye tower , British museum .. must be visited not forgetting the epic Buckingham palace.

A quick visit to Hyde park will be breathtaking as well.

1. Paris, France.


Starting from the most populous city of France; the lovely Paris. A very typical European capital with a great number of historical monuments such as the famous Eiffel towerLouvre museum , the epic Notre-Dame De Paris, the glamorous palace of Versailles.

And we are sure you don’t wanna miss having a look on the foundation Louis Vuitton,the amazing arts museum. Once you decided to hang out like a Parisian, The Luxembourg Gardens are perfect direction.

Enjoying Paris’s food especially pastries is a thing you mustn’t miss.

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