The 25 Greatest Leaders of all Time

Listing The 25 Greatest Leaders of all Time Was Really a Hard Work. Because Since the beginning of history, several personalities have emerged in different fields.

There have always been people who could be distinguished from the rest and could lead a whole population.

In this list, you will get to know more about The 25 Greatest Leaders of all Time who have carved their names in history.

25. Frederick Barbarossa

He is the king of Germany and the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

He was elected as the King of Germany in Frankfurt on 4 March 1152. Crowned in Aachen on 9 March. Crowned by Italy in Pavia in 1155. And finally Pope Adrian IV gave him the name of a Roman emperor, and he was appointed on 18 June 1155.

His title was Barbarossa that means red beard. He was 30 years old when he ascended the throne. And was characterized by courage and cleverness.

Since his accession to the throne, he has sought to regain the status of the empire and its lost glory. Which can only be achieved by connecting the two parts of the empire in Germany and Italy.

More Informations About Frederick Barbarossa

  • Born:1122
  • Died:1190

24. Alexander the great

Alexander the Great, as he is known as one of the most important military commanders and conquerors in history.

Who has never been mentioned in history as being defeated in a battle throughout his life.

He also succeeded in building a great empire stretching from Greece to Pakistan.

He has not lost any battle during 15 years of conquests and has named 70 cities in his name.

More Informations About Alexander the great

  • Born:356BC
  • Died:323BC

23. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was born in the Russian peasant village of Gori, Georgia.

He succeeded to power of the Communist Party to become the Soviet dictator after the death of Vladimir Lenin.

Joseph Stalin was then forced into rapid and mass industrialization.

The caused the deaths of millions from famine while the other survivors were sent to the camps.

Helped by the Red Army in defeating Nazi Germany during World War II.

More Informations About Joseph Stalin

  • Born:1878
  • Died:1953

22. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is one of the most famous politicians in Britain.

He served in the British Army and worked as a writer before engaging in political work.

After becoming prime minister in 1940. The British people mobilized during the Second World War.

Turning his country from the brink of defeat to victory.

More Informations About Winston Churchill

  • Born:1874
  • Died:1965

21. Che Guevara

Che Guevara was born in Argentina and studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires.

He participated in many revolutions in Guatemala and Mexico. In addition to his participation in the Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro.

After the success of the Cuban Revolution. Guevara received a number of government positions, The Minister of Industry and Planning.

But returned to participate in the revolutions and moved to Bolivia to support the fighters and killed there.

More Informations About Che Guevara

  • Born:1928
  • Died:1967

20. Franklin Roosevelt

One of the most influential and figures of the 20th century. It is Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States.

Franklin Roosevelt is the only US president to have won four consecutive terms.

Despite the tradition of holding two presidential terms. He led the United States between 1933 and 1945.

During his reign, the country witnessed two of the greatest crises of the twentieth century.

The Great Depression (1929–1939) and the Second World War (1939–1945), and was able to overcome them by virtue of his unique personality.

More Informations About Franklin Roosevelt

  • Born:1882
  • Died:1945

19. Constantine the great

A famous Roman emperor who achieved many achievements and introspection of the Roman Empire. Founded some cities and capitals.

Including the city of Constantinople named after him.

Constantine was a brilliant leader, and a great administrative, and political who doesn’t get confused in matters of governance ruling.

More Informations About Constantine the great

  • Born:272AD
  • Died:337AD

18. Julius Caesar

The Roman emperor and the statesman Julius Caesar, who led the Roman Republic and turned it into a powerful Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar was a political and popular leader of the Roman Republic.

Which made him a great convert to the so-called Roman Empire.

By expanding it greatly through its geographical territory and the establishment of an imperial system.

More Informations About Julius Caesar

  • Born:100BC
  • Died:44BC

17. Salah al-Din

Is a courageous Muslim leader who lived in the twelfth century and enjoyed firm Islamic foundations.

As a result that made him adhere to the issues of Islam. Which made him achieve great achievements.

He united Egypt with Syria and recovered Jerusalem. He was known for his nobility and bravery.

Salah al-Din was one of the best leaders known to mankind in the East and West.

He was distinguished by wisdom and good treatment even with his Crusader enemies, a future war hero since his childhood.

More Informations About Salah al-Din

  • Born:1138
  • Died:1193

16. Napoleon Bonaparte

The military leader Napoleon Bonaparte was characterized by great mental abilities.

An attractive personality, strong determination, rapid decision-making without hesitation, sensual enthusiasm, realism and a rich imagination.

His interests were numerous, and he always sought to study decisions.

In addition, Bonaparte was characterized by high concentration, moving from one subject to another at great speed.

Similarly to an amazing memory force, and a remarkable ability to endure the hard work, his frankness, and his lack of courtesy on various occasions.

More Informations About Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Born:1769
  • Died:1844

15. George Washington

The first president of the United States of America, which he established by land.

His life began in a modest agricultural environment. He was educated as a commander of the Continental Army in the American

During revolutionary War, with great dynamism, and a great role in raising the morale of the army in all the wars he led.

That is to say George Washington has great strategies and great visions in establishing the republic.

He has fought several wars against the British, such as the Boston War and other wars, as well as experimenting with civil life.

He chaired the Constitutional Convention. Which has a role in shaping the American Constitution, and walked the political path. Until he was elected as the first president of the United States of America for two terms.

But he refused the extension for a third term, leaving the presidency to deposit his people with an influential speech.

More Informations About George Washington

  • Born:1732
  • Died: 1799

14. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is a German political man born in Austria. He is the founder of the Nazi Party.

He ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Similarly he was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential figures in history during the 20th century.

Hitler was a veteran of the World War I, he joined the Nazi Party in 1920 and ruled the party in 1921.

He made a failed coup attempt in 1923 and was imprisoned.

Hitler was able to get a huge popular base with his anti-communist ideas.

He also had a very rare charisma in speeches and persuasion that helped him gain a huge popularity.

More Informations About Adolf Hitler

  • Born:1889
  • Died:1945

13. Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong, the founder of the modern Republic of China and one of the world’s communist leaders;

Although millions of Chinese view him as the “great leader” of “great achievements and ideas” that led to the independence of the country.

On the other hand its status among the superpowers and made him a symbol of communists in the world;

Many other got harmed from his controversial “revolutionary” policies.

More Informations About Mao Zedong

  • Born:1893
  • Died: 1976

12. Cleopatra

Is the seventh of the most famous pharaohs to rule Egypt. She is the seventh queen of the Greek Macedonian dynasty called Cleopatra.

Cleopatra means the daughter of glory.

She and her brother Ptolemy XIII succeeds her father Ptolemy XII.

Cleopatra was a powerful personality with intelligence and wisdom, a strategic mind, a strong will and a thirst for the glory.

She won the heart of two of the greatest men of the time: Julius Caesar , And Marcos Antioleus.

She was very interested in her personal beauty.

Cleopatra has been described in many novels as charming, But the coins. Which are now in many museums, show to many archaeologists that she had not of any real beauty.

Only her character is charming and enamored making her a charming and queen over the ages.

More Informations About Cleopatra

  • Born:69BC
  • Died:30BC

11. Suleiman the Magnificent

He was the tenth sultans of the Ottoman Empire and the second Ottoman caliph.

He took over the reign of the Ottoman Empire in 926 AH / 1520 AD, succeeding his father Sultan Selim I.

Likewise his age considered the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire.

During his era, the empire has reached the height of its military, cultural and political power.

The country’s borders have expanded to the east and the west, including many capitals, historic cities in Asia, Europe and Africa. In addition to the control of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Sultan Suleiman was one of the greatest men on earth who had such a strong and intelligent mind that could lead a whole empire to a glory.

More Informations About Suleiman the Magnificent

  • Born:1494
  • Died:1566

10. Abraham Lincoln

He is the 16th President of the United States. Whose name is associated with ending slavery and protecting the United States from disintegration during the civil war.

He was from a modest family, and despite his limited education, he was educated; Thanks to his prolific reading of the many books he traveled; to borrow them.

Abraham Lincoln was a human figure, as demonstrated by his democratic views, Which has become an important research topic for many.

More Informations About Abraham Lincoln

  • Born:1809
  • Died:1865

9. William the conqueror

William I, King of England. His father is the Duke of Normandy. He was crowned the throne of England after the death of King Edward, who had no children.

He was the French king who invaded England and ruled it.

William the conqueror was the prince of the French province of Normandy. He led the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

Similarly he defeated the armies of King Harold II at Hastings and crowned himself King of Westminster Cathedral.

Revolutions revolted against William the Conqueror, but he was able to destroy all of them.

The organization of the ruling class consisted of a new class of military nobles, most of whom were drawn from France. Likewise who followed a hierarchical system of allegiance. The king sat on top.

French culture left its mark on British culture and language during his period.

More Informations About William the conqueror

  • Born:1028
  • Died: 1087

8. Ramses ll

Ramses II is the king of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt. He is the third pharaoh of the Pharaohs of the Nineteenth Dynasty.

He was only twenty years old when he became the king. Many believe he died when he was ninety-nine. But he died in the early nineties, and he was called the Grandfather.

His leadership was characterized by many military campaigns. Similarly Ramses II had many achievements in the first phase of his rule, building cities and temples and many important monuments.

In addition The city of Ramses in the Nile Delta, as the capital of its state and as a main base for the campaigns to be launched on Syria.

The city was built on the remains and ruins of the city of Oares, the official capital of Hexos.

More Informations About Ramses ll

  • Born:1304BC
  • Died:1213BC

7. Moses

According to the Torah. Moses is the prophet and the leader of the Exodus from Egypt “land of slavery”. Likewise a significant legislator.

The Ten Commandments that Moses’s followers have received are engraved on two tablets in Mount Horeb at the top of the associated monuments. Which constitute the most prominent legislative basis in the Judeo-Christian heritage.

The strong personality of Moses made a big changement and development in the Jewish history.

More Informations About Moses

  • Born: unknown
  • Died: 1273BC

6. Martin Luther king Jr

Martin Luther aspired to achieve peace and to end the idea of ​​racial discrimination between whites and blacks.

He began his journey through peaceful demonstrations he led but was not widely welcomed.

He was arrested and imprisoned for more than once. But he remained adamant that the black man was the same as the white man in rights and duties.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 and was the youngest person to receive it at the time.

More Informations About Martin Luther king Jr

  • Born:1929
  • Died:1968

5. Mohammed

The Prophet Muhammad, who has come when people where living in misguidance, and ignorance, and guided them to light and guidance.

He suffered so much, but continued to call for peace, and used many strategies, and tactics.

He was a political leader of the first order. When he established the Islamic state in Madinah, he established a strong army and conquered the invasion after another.

He was also a military leader, a social reformer, a great administrative successor to his family, his neighbors and his companions.

He also called for the principles of humanity. Which talk about human rights today as a messenger of compassion, mercy, love, tenderness and compassion.

No one can deny the great person, nor the big impact of the Prophet Muhammad.

More Informations About Mohammed

  • Born:571AD
  • Died:632AD

4. Omar ibn Al Khattab

Al-Faruq was the second Caliph after Abu Bakr. He was a pioneer in civil war. He achieved many great things.

The first to be appointed as the head of the police responsible for maintaining the civil order.

Similarly The first to make rules controling the citizens when they began to disturb the regime, and the first to unite people in Taraweeh prayers. And also expanded the mosque of the Prophet Mohammed.

He was the first to appoint the secretary of the court (the military secretary) and the owner of the abscess (the revenue collector).

In addition, he was the first to appoint a treasury official and a chief judge who headed the judicial process system.

More Informations About Omar ibn Al Khattab

  • Born:584AD
  • Died:644AD

3. Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, the son of Mary is a figure whose influence is still present. Where his teachings are followed by millions of people who sanctify him.

He is a recognized as a prophet in the heavenly religions.

People have gathered around the perfection of his personality and morals. And he has been able to leave the mark of change in the world.

More Informations About Jesus Christ

  • Born:c.4BC
  • Died:c.30AD

2. Genghis khan

He was a bloodthirsty man. Genghis khan was also a strong military commander.

He had the ability to gather people around him. He gradually began to expand in the surrounding areas.

His kingdom soon expanded to its borders from Korea eastwards to the western borders of the Islamic state.

Above all its massive military achievements, Genghis Khan made the Mongol Empire develop in other ways.

Where he issued a decree adopting the Uyghur alphabet as the writing system of the Mongol Empire.

He also encouraged religious tolerance within his empire and established a unified empire of nomadic tribes of North-East Asia.

His current Mongols consider him the founding father of Mongolia.

More Informations About Genghis khan

  • Born:1165
  • Died:1227

1. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian man who is one of the first supporters of a culture that renounces violence.

He is also one of the first leaders of the peaceful resistance against the British occupation. In addition to being known for supporting the poor people in his country.

He was one of the people who exerted all their efforts to protect their homeland peacefully. And to resist the British occupation in recent years. However.

He has been calling on hindus residing in India to respect other religions that exist there. These religions call was to respect the rights of Indian Muslims and it led to the anger of the fanatical Hindus. And accused him of betrayal, and then assassinated him.

More Informations About Mahatma Gandhi, The First of The 25 Greatest Leaders of all Time

  • Original Country: India
  • Born:1869
  • Died:1948

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