The 25 Unsafe Countries in the World

If you plan to travel for a business or investment trip, or even for your annual vacation and tourism in other countries, you should know different information about the country you will travel to, including the nature of the weather, the economic situation and the culture of this country.

The most important thing you need to know is also the availability of security and the proportion of your exposure to problems that threaten your security and safety during your trip.

In the coming list you’ll find the most unsafe countries that you might want to take more caution while visiting them :

25. Ethiopia.


The political and criminal violence in Ethiopia are two major problems that had resulted many injuries and deaths, car thefts, retaliation of occupied cars, and other minor crimes are very common in this country.

In addition, there were cases of beatings, stabbings and abduction of expatriates and foreigners.

This is why Ethiopia is one of the most unsafe countries to visit even it contains many touristic places .

24. Mexico.


Mexico has long been an outlet for drug trafficking between South and North America, and all the subsequent upsurge in violence that extends to the security forces.

This belief alienates many people from traveling to Mexico. In fact, this exists only in border areas with the United States, while other areas are very safe, especially the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

Take precautions when dealing with local people and avoid drinking tap water in Mexico.

23. Palestine.


The main cause of instability and problems is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a continuing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis that began in the middle of the 20th century and continues to this day.

Recently, the fighting, which has raged mainly in the Gaza Strip, has escalated again.

Jerusalem is the most visited place in Palestine, although it is very difficult to enter the country.

22. Egypt.


There are many reasons why this country is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Certainly, the capital Cairo is a very unsafe place for tourism, along with other Egyptian sites such as the Pyramids, which are considered to be the most attractive sites for tourists.

A provocative organization and other extremist groups pose serious threats to some places in Egypt, Terrorist attacks targeting citizens and visitors.

21. Venezuela.


There is no doubt that Venezuela is very popular among tourists, but it is also at the top of the list of the most dangerous destinations for tourists.

The murders are raging and reached 21,692 crimes in 2012 alone, or 122 per hundred thousand people.

The shortage of commodities such as water, food and medicine And electricity leaded to many disturbances and meetings throughout Venezuela.

One of the highest rates of crime in the world; instead of armed robbery, murder, kidnapping and car theft are all common forms of violence in most parts of the country.

20. Mali.


An African country that draws people from all over the world, and is famous for many attractions such as the Great Mosque in Genet and the highly popular African Union (AU) festival.

However, Mali remains among countries not suitable for tourists due to frequent military conflicts in the country. There is an increased risk of terrorist attacks in Mali’s capital, Bamako, as well as other parts of Mali and central Mali, and hotels and restaurants are often targets of attacks.

In November 2015, a number of people were held hostage and killed at the Radisson Hotel in Bamako.

19. Colombia.


Colombia is not as dangerous as it used to be. Medellin was named the best destination in South America last year, but visiting the country still poses a major threat to foreign travelers.

The armed gang known as Bakrim is responsible for kidnappings, drug trafficking and burglary.

Which occur throughout the country, while acts of terrorism, such as explosions, are common in many major cities such as Bogota.

18. Israel.


Despite the fact that Israel is a very developed country compared with its neighbors from the Middle East, it is considered an unsafe destination for travel.

Israel is characterized by many tourist sites that receive great demand from tourists as well as those interested in learning about Jewish civilization.

But conflicts with the State of Palestine and The sudden raids pose a danger to citizens and tourists, so there is no reason why any visitor who wants to go to Israel should not turn to journalists and humanitarian organizations.

17. Lebanon.


Lebanon is an important cultural center and has a great history that has left many picturesque attractions and art museums that are an excellent destination for tourists.

But the country’s civil wars have destroyed many tourist sites as many extremist groups are active there, terrorist attacks such as throwing bombs It happens continuously.

Some demonstrations or disputes between neighbors or families may quickly turn into a dangerous escalation that could harm the onlookers.

16. Nigeria.


Although Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa, the presence of militant groups such as Boko Haram has kept the risk index high, so it is obvious to tourists to avoid a state visit in which a state of emergency is declared.

Therefore, visiting Nigeria is very dangerous, especially the towns of Borno, And Adamawa, where a state of emergency was declared on May 14, 2013.

There are many ongoing military actions in these three cities, and a curfew has been declared in Mali because of terrorist acts and military operations that could start at any moment.

15. Turkey.


Turkey’s natural geography, mountainous areas and cities along the sea make it an important destination for tourists, but two things have contributed largely to the decline in the tourism sector in Turkey.

The first is the presence of many elements in Turkey, where it is clear to see these extremists, and as a result individual wolves are roaming the Turkish streets, which inevitably instigates fear in the hearts of visitors to Turkey, and this is a danger not only to the Turkish people but also tourists, who were Turkey’s first destination to enjoy the summer vacation.

The second thing is the security unrest in terms of the government’s dealings with the Kurd. Specifically, they have not been silent about Ankara’s violations of their right or new interventions. What happened in Diyarbakir and others Turkey’s mainly Kurdish cities since.

14. North Korea.

North Korea

Is among the countries that are not recommended for tourists. Although the country has many beautiful landscapes and luxury hotel services. They pose a serious risk to tourists who will be closely followed to see their religious and political backgrounds.

The United States does not advise its nationals to travel to North Korea because there is no US embassy there.

13. Pakistan.


Pakistan has suffered from religious conflict for years, and violence against some religious groups remains common.

The country is torn by political and religious conflicts that keep it busy with bloody conflicts. The Pakistani government also restricts freedom of expression and prohibits foreigners from reaching many places throughout the country.

India-Pakistan dispute is an essential part of the country’s political problems and crises.

12. Ukraine.


Fighting between the Ukrainian armed forces and armed separatists backed by Russia is common in both the eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine.

Specifically, the Donetsk regions of Donetsk, Lufthansa oblast, the Crimea. The unrest in eastern and southern Ukraine has attracted the attention of the whole world since it began in February 2014.

Protests have escalated into an armed separatist insurgency leading the Ukrainian government to launch a military counter-offensive against the rebels.

Conflicts have already claimed thousands of victims.

11. Sudan.


Sudan is a country that’s facing several blocs. It is clear in the history of Sudan and its past that citizens have long suffered from a widespread ethnic conflict. Resulting in a series of internal conflicts including two civil wars and a war in the Darfur region.

Sudan suffers from bad human rights, especially with regard to issues of ethnic cleansing and slavery in the country.

10. Russia.


Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, the Baltic region has generally experienced a very sensitive situation. Especially after Russia’s annexation of Crimea using military force. Which has greatly angered the United States and the NATO countries.

Kiev accuses Russia of supporting the rebels on its border. The West is trying to undermine its national security by supporting the Ukrainian government with training and equipment.

The Baltic Sea along the Ukrainian-Swedish-Romanian border is a frightening military presence by Russia and NATO. which insist on large-scale military maneuvers in border areas.

These problems, along with the Russian mafia, are a point of fear for those wishing to visit Russia.

9. Central African Republic.

Central African Republic

There are many warnings from the United States Government to travel to the Central African Republic.

The United Kingdom also recommended that all its nationals who were on vacation in that country leave immediately.

These reasons seem to be more than sufficient to delete this State from the list of places to be visited next year.

8. Democratic republic of the Congo.

Democratic republic of the Congo

The Congolese armed forces, as well as other armed groups and bandits, are active in many parts of the country. Causing a state of violence and instability.

As the Congolese army is deployed throughout the country. The traveler is likely to arrive in the country through military forces. Armored vehicles and attack helicopters.

Therefore, we do not recommend visiting this country,only if you are a fan of the atmosphere of war and excessive danger.

7. Libya.


Since the fall of the regime of former President Muammar Gaddafi. Libya has witnessed a series of unrest and power struggles that have increased the presence of a sympathetic organization in some of its cities.

The state suffers from civil strife and major economic and political problems.

The revolution has left a great deal of devastation that has plagued many historical and tourist sites

6. Yemen.


Yemen’s history has seen 11 civil wars, social unrest and riots in the country to date.

In recent years, a series of street protests against poverty, unemployment, corruption and against President Saleh has begun.

The Government and its security forces were responsible for torture, inhuman treatment and extrajudicial executions. Freedom of expression, press and religion are restricted.

After the revolution and the overthrow of the president. Yemen is still fighting a bloody time in which many children and civilians die.

5. Somalia.


Somali coasts are very dangerous because of piracy, which is the biggest problems in the country.

It should be noted that travel to the country requires tourists to know the locations and numbers of the embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom, to get help in case of any problem.

The lack of food and many attacks are damaging people’s lives in this place.

4. Iraq.


Because of the political and sectarian unrest that is ravaging the country. But there are many efforts by the authorities to establish tourist projects and provide more security for visitors.

Such as the southern marshes, located between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Which seek to attract tourists from all over the world.

Certainly, the United States and Britain advise their citizens not to go to this country. But the tours are available for those who have a strong desire to visit the country.

3. South Sudan.

South Sudan

We have spoken earlier about the conflicts in which the Sudan is suffering and the South has not been implemented.

Since July 2011, when Southern Sudan became an independent state. It remained unstable and the new state faced the same problems as Sudan.

Ethnic violence began as part of the Sudanese nomadic conflicts between rival nomadic tribes. These conflicts resulted in a large number of victims and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

The situation is still unstable in southern Sudan so it is not safe to visit them during these situations.

2. Afghanistan.


A country that is wonderful and distinctive, but it is no longer a safe destination for tourists.

It suffered a few years ago from the Russian invasion and is now at the mercy of the Taliban. Which controls the way people live in Afghanistan.

This country has turned into an arena for armed and violent acts. And kidnapping is what makes it really dangerous for tourists.

If the tourist is a fan of adventures and dangerous. There are many wonderful places to visit in Afghanistan. Such as the amazing landmarks of the passage of Ahan, Bamian Valley and Kunduz.

1. Syria.


A hot spot for terrorism, killings, car bombings and attacks on the US embassy.

But this is not the only problem in the country. Chemical weapons are used against people, while most residents have fled their homes or even fled the country to survive.

The country is going through the most violent civil war and popular revolution against the government in our modern era and during the conflicts many destructive weapons are used.

Meanwhile prisoners are being tortured with the worst forms of torture. Although it was a very beautiful county in the middle East. Syria now is going through issues that made it the most of Unsafe Countries in the World .

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