The 25 Unsafe Countries in the World

The 25 Unsafe Countries in the World
The 25 Unsafe Countries in the World

If you plan to travel for a business or investment trip, or even for your annual vacation and tourism in other countries, you should know different information about the country you will travel to, including the nature of the weather, the economic situation and the culture of this country.

The most important thing you need to know is also the availability of security and the proportion of your exposure to problems that threaten your security and safety during your trip.

In the coming list you’ll find the most unsafe countries that you might want to take more caution while visiting them :

25. Ethiopia.


The political and criminal violence in Ethiopia are two major problems that had resulted many injuries and deaths, car thefts, retaliation of occupied cars, and other minor crimes are very common in this country.

In addition, there were cases of beatings, stabbings and abduction of expatriates and foreigners.

This is why Ethiopia is one of the most unsafe countries to visit even it contains many touristic places .

24. Mexico.


Mexico has long been an outlet for drug trafficking between South and North America, and all the subsequent upsurge in violence that extends to the security forces.

This belief alienates many people from traveling to Mexico. In fact, this exists only in border areas with the United States, while other areas are very safe, especially the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

Take precautions when dealing with local people and avoid drinking tap water in Mexico.

23. Palestine.


The main cause of instability and problems is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a continuing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis that began in the middle of the 20th century and continues to this day.

Recently, the fighting, which has raged mainly in the Gaza Strip, has escalated again.

Jerusalem is the most visited place in Palestine, although it is very difficult to enter the country.

22. Egypt.


There are many reasons why this country is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Certainly, the capital Cairo is a very unsafe place for tourism, along with other Egyptian sites such as the Pyramids, which are considered to be the most attractive sites for tourists.

A provocative organization and other extremist groups pose serious threats to some places in Egypt, Terrorist attacks targeting citizens and visitors.

21. Venezuela.


There is no doubt that Venezuela is very popular among tourists, but it is also at the top of the list of the most dangerous destinations for tourists.

The murders are raging and reached 21,692 crimes in 2012 alone, or 122 per hundred thousand people.

The shortage of commodities such as water, food and medicine And electricity leaded to many disturbances and meetings throughout Venezuela.

One of the highest rates of crime in the world; instead of armed robbery, murder, kidnapping and car theft are all common forms of violence in most parts of the country.

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