The Biggest 25 Countries by Population In The World


The population census in all countries of the world is witnessing an increase that may be undesirable in some developing or developed countries.

Which has led some governments to impose laws and regulations that would reduce the rate of population growth.

For example the “one-child policy”, which is the state’s support for the first child only in the family in terms of free education, health and other support, and the second child is paid by the head of the family. The world population is about 7 billion and 635 million.

In this list we will be showing you the largest countries in terms of population density:

25. South Africa

Population: 56,171,156

South Africa is home to multi-ethnic , with a segregationist system of whites and blacks.

The white population in the region is about 5 million. The number of blacks has reached 29 million.

According to census statistics, With a population density of about 46,171,156 inhabitants per square kilometer.

It is noteworthy that the NDP resorted to the use of apartheid after winning the general elections in 1948, and this policy was to reduce the conflicts that were permanent eruption between whites and blacks in that period.

And south Africa is one of the regions that register the largest gathering of Indian groups Beyond Asian borders.