The Most 25 Dangerous Animals in the World

Dangerous Animals - Black mamba
Dangerous Animals - Black mamba

Lots of people see that animals are very cute and lovely, and millions of them are adopting an animal or two..or even more!

But are all animals nice and cute? Well apparently they are not and here’s a list of the most dangerous animals in the world that we are sure you wouldn’t want to risk taking them as pets!

25. Dogs


There is over 77.8 million pet dogs around the world according to APPA survey. This shows that one of the favorite choices for animals lovers to adopt are dogs.

Yet these little creatures are considered very dangerous in a few cases. Dogs may cause unconscionable damage and harm but some breeds are not as grave as others that can be showing severe reactions and reason serious injuries or even death.

24. Hippopotamus.


A huge animal that is mostly herbivorous. They are also called hippo and their name comes from the ancient Greek for “river horse” and this is because they live near rivers.

Sometimes 30 hippopotamuses live in the same place because they are usually shy and prefer to stay in groups but once they feel provoked they will just run over the victim and almost smash them and cause grave damage or death.

This is why they are known as the most deadly large animal in Africa.

23. Champawat Tiger.

Champawat Tiger

A single animal that could kill 437 person in India and Nepal. The tigress Champawat has been listed in the Guinness book of world records for having the highest number of fatalities caused by her attacks within 8 years.

After she had broken her upper and lower left canines in her mouth, the tigress decided to make humans her main food since she could no more hunt bigger prey.

The deadliest tigress of all times was finally killed in the first years of 20th century (1907) by the British hunter Jim Corbett after she had killed a teenage girl near the town and left a trail of blood which Corbett followed.

22. Great White Shark.

Great White Shark

The most dangerous and deadliest shark in the world. It eats 11 tons of food each year meanwhile humans eat almost half a ton of food a year.

The great shark is about 680 to 1100 kg weight and 17 foot length. This specie of large sharks can be found in the coastal surface waters of all major oceans and they are some powerful predators that can be very dangerous to humans if provoked simply by being in the water at the wrong place and time.

21. Rhinoceros.


The danger of those large horned beasts is generally in their big strong bodies.

Although they are very dangerous but they usually prefer to keep it to themselves, nevertheless Rhinos will get directly toward a fight once they feel menaced or just angry and they can be extremely aggressive while feeling the fear, panic or confusion. It happens mostly because of their very poor eyesight.

This is why during a safari trip to Africa or sooth Asia we advice you to stay as far as possible from these animals.

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