The Most 25 Dangerous Animals in the World

Lots of people see that animals are very cute and lovely, and millions of them are adopting an animal or two..or even more!

But are all animals nice and cute? Well apparently they are not and here’s a list of the most dangerous animals in the world that we are sure you wouldn’t want to risk taking them as pets!

25. Dogs


There is over 77.8 million pet dogs around the world according to APPA survey. This shows that one of the favorite choices for animals lovers to adopt are dogs.

Yet these little creatures are considered very dangerous in a few cases. Dogs may cause unconscionable damage and harm but some breeds are not as grave as others that can be showing severe reactions and reason serious injuries or even death.

24. Hippopotamus.


A huge animal that is mostly herbivorous. They are also called hippo and their name comes from the ancient Greek for “river horse” and this is because they live near rivers.

Sometimes 30 hippopotamuses live in the same place because they are usually shy and prefer to stay in groups but once they feel provoked they will just run over the victim and almost smash them and cause grave damage or death.

This is why they are known as the most deadly large animal in Africa.

23. Champawat Tiger.

Champawat Tiger

A single animal that could kill 437 person in India and Nepal. The tigress Champawat has been listed in the Guinness book of world records for having the highest number of fatalities caused by her attacks within 8 years.

After she had broken her upper and lower left canines in her mouth, the tigress decided to make humans her main food since she could no more hunt bigger prey.

The deadliest tigress of all times was finally killed in the first years of 20th century (1907) by the British hunter Jim Corbett after she had killed a teenage girl near the town and left a trail of blood which Corbett followed.

22. Great White Shark.

Great White Shark

The most dangerous and deadliest shark in the world. It eats 11 tons of food each year meanwhile humans eat almost half a ton of food a year.

The great shark is about 680 to 1100 kg weight and 17 foot length. This specie of large sharks can be found in the coastal surface waters of all major oceans and they are some powerful predators that can be very dangerous to humans if provoked simply by being in the water at the wrong place and time.

21. Rhinoceros.


The danger of those large horned beasts is generally in their big strong bodies.

Although they are very dangerous but they usually prefer to keep it to themselves, nevertheless Rhinos will get directly toward a fight once they feel menaced or just angry and they can be extremely aggressive while feeling the fear, panic or confusion. It happens mostly because of their very poor eyesight.

This is why during a safari trip to Africa or sooth Asia we advice you to stay as far as possible from these animals.

20. Elephants.


You might be surprised from seeing elephants in this list since they are known as pacifists creatures. Their huge body shape can be serious danger when they turn aggressive.

Females are usually more dangerous when her young calves are present so at any unusual action they get too aggressive and use their feet or proboscis to attack humans or animals.

Both male and female elephants can become very aggressive when they are sick, provoked or injured.

19. Stonefish.


Scientifically known as Synanceia. The most venomous fish in the world is usually brown or grey but it may have some red, orange or yellow spots on it.

It’s not it big toothed mouth what you should be afraid of but them 13 toxic stout spines that can inject a highly toxic venom that effects directly the heart and the nervous system and the infection causes fainting or death.

Stonefish is considered to be the most toxic and dangerous fish for humans.

18. Saw Scaled Viper.

Saw Scaled Viper

Comparing them to other snakes, saw scaled vipers or Echisvare quite small but they have a lethal venom that makes them very dangerous.

This reptile is mostly found in the dry regions of Africa , Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and the middle east, in those places people believe that saw scaled vipers are the first responsible for most human fatalities more than all other snake species.

17. Cassowary.


It’s a little unbelievable saying that a bird might be dangerous, but no wonder if you are dealing with the second heaviest and the third tallest bird living.

The Casuarius birds are quite shy and they prefer living in the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea, they are mostly calm and far from all sort of provocation but once they are provoked you should expect a fatal kick that can probably slice you into two pieces.

16. Hyenas.


The popular question when it comes to hyenas is “Who’s stronger, a lion or a hyena? Many people underestimate hyenas because of their small shape, but in the animals kingdom no one underestimates them!

Hyenas are very aggressive beasts; unlike lions they never wait for the prey to die before eating it but once they catch it they start eating piece by piece until the prey dies from pain.

Females are even more dangerous and aggressive , actually they are quite dominant and larger than males. Hyenas are cannibals who can attack and eat other hyenas and their young.

15. Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

This list would have been incomplete if we didn’t mention these little killers: Spiders; The Brazilian wandering spider, also known as Banana spiders, belong to the genus Phoneutria, a Greek word that stands for “Murderess”.

The name may probably give you a slight of knowledge about how dangerous this kind of spiders is.

Its venom can be deadly to humans, especially little kids. Phoneutria is found throughout the south America, Andes, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

14. Blue-Ringed Octopus.

Blue-Ringed Octopus

The funny thing about this animal that his bite is not painful at all! Blue ring octopus is highly venomous, despite its small size he has enough poison to kill twenty-six adult humans withing a few minutes.

A lot of it victims can’t feel anything after a tiny painless bite so they don’t realize that they have been envenomed until the poison starts effecting their nervous system and the paralysis sets in. This species of octopus are often found in the Indian oceans.

13. Deathstalker Scorpion.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Scorpion’s poison is considered to be the source of panic among people.

Scorpions use venom to anesthetize their prey and defend themselves. The deathstalker venom is composed of neurotoxins with a low lethal dose, and this what makes it one of the most dangerous species of scorpions.

It can be found in the deserts of the middle east and north Africa and many locals died or had damages because of this little creature , that’s why you should take caution when it comes to this yellow scorpion.

12. Bullet Ant.

Bullet Ant

It might be kinda weird and unexpected finding an ant between all of those deadly animals.

Well! this ant is considered dangerous because of it hard painful sting that keeps terribly hurting the victim about twelve to twenty-four hours.

Its name is Paraponera Clavata, but known as the bullet and because being stung by it feel like a bullet.

Yet it’s not deadly but it causes awefull pain for hours we’re sure you better avoid.

11. Ascaris Roundworm.

Ascaris Roundworm

Also knows as Ascaris Lumbricoides, is a larger worm of humans that keeps growing to a length of up to 35 cm.

This is the most common parasitic worm in humans. Its danger lies in destroying your food system. You can become infected with the Ascaris roundworm when eating uncooked food contaminated by soil that contains roundworm eggs they first take place in the lungs and after maturing they travel to the throat.

10. Cape Buffalo.

Cape Buffalo

Unlike the common idea about it, Cape buffalo is very undomestic. It is known as the black death for being very aggressive and extremely dangerous.

This strong, big animal is susceptible to many diseases like bovine tuberculosis, corridor disease and foot and mouth disease.

Yet it’s said that he has killed more big game hunters than any other animal in southern and east Africa where he is found.

9. Cone Snail.

Cone Snail

Birds, Ants and now snails! You can never be more surprised when discovering that a single snail can be fatal.

This little beautiful creature will charm you by it brown and white marbled shells, But it can also give you some horrible pain with a single string that is even worst than a bee sting.

Cone snails venom contain many different toxins that vary in their effects,but some of them are extremely toxic and can reason serious problems or even death in some cases.

8. Golden Poison Frog.

Golden Poison Frog

The most poisonous animal on earth. Only one touch on his skin is able to freeze your nervous system.

The golden poison frog is extremely dangerous, despite its small size, it has the ability to kill 10 adult humans in almost 3 minutes.

When it comes to other animals, you must eat, lick or even get stung by them to be poisoned and in danger, it’s not the case for this frog when only touching him will kill you within 3 minutes and there is no cure.

7. Box Jellyfish.

Box Jellyfish

Often found in the Indo-pacific waters north of Australia. Some species of box jelly fish produce highly toxic venom.

It is said that the toxicity in one individual of these jellyfishes is enough to murder 60 adults and can kill a human being in 3 minutes.

It has the deadliest venom of all marine invertebrates. Box jellyfish is nearly invisible and floats mostly on waters and since till now there is no guaranteed cure, beach visitors must pay attention.

6. Puffer-Fish.


Another kind of fish that might be quite dangerous , Pufferfish belongs to the tetraodontidae family, and it has a very elastic skin that can stretch very well when puffering .

When feeling frightens or provoked , the pufferfish swallows a big amount of water or air quickly to avoid predatory fish. Pufferfish contains a toxic venom that is so deadly to human and one single pufferfish has enough poison to kill 30 adults.

5. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

It is the longest poisonous snake in Africa (2.5 meters) and seen as one of the deadliest animal in sub-Saharan- Africa and the world.

The black mamba freaks out locals in Africa because of it strong venom and the great lenght and its speed. It can move and attack very fast in a very little while.

Once you are bited by a black mamba, you have less than sixty minutes to fall dead! Black mambas usually attack only when threatened but when they do, the bite several times very quickly.

4. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

Is a type of crocodile found at estuaries or idian and pacific oceans. It is the largest of all pretiles living there and it is the most dangerous crocodile on earth due their giant shape and big mouth.

Saltwater crocodiles are born aggressive and the baby crocodiles are just as dangerous as the old ones who spend their whole life in the wild.

Unlike other spucies , saltwater crocodiles tend to attack and bite very frequently.

3. TseTse Fly

TseTse Fly

The second deadliest creature in the kingdom of insects ! These large biting flies inhabit much of tropical Africa and cause serious diseases and high number of fatalities .

The first to link the disease with the tsetse fly was the english physician and surgeon David Bruce.

The insect is very dangerous, if it stings a person it may reason a coma and sleeping for long periods of time.

2. Mosquito


There is over 3000 spicies of mosquitos and scientists classify them to almost 35 type.

Mosquitos can not bite because they can’t open their jaws so instead they shove in the skin of it prey six tiny needles. The danger about mosquitos is thoses stings that cause plenty of diseases, of of which can be deadly such as malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya.

This three millimeters insect is the deadliest among the world.

1. Humans


Quite shocked right? Well after all we are animals too and it has been 10.000 year since we have been killing each other in the ugliest ways! Humans caused death, diseases, disabilities and many more horrible things to people from their same kind! Wars only caused between 150 million and 1 billion fatality.

Untill now human beings are still a reason of pain and death to each other and everything else on earth for personal needs or just for fun ! And they are not even willing to stop any sooner.

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